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Our Vitamin-AI App has been in the works for months. We have one goal in mind; to use technology to detect Alzheimer’s disease up to twenty years earlier than is currently possible. We have been working hard to create an App that is user friendly, affordable and accurate so that Alzheimer’s disease can be detected sooner, leading to breakthrough ways to beat the disease.

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The most important phase of our App development is testing its validity, so it is essential that we recruit as many different people as possible to collect as much data as possible. The more data we can feed into our algorithm, the more accurate the diagnosis will be. The more accurate our App is, the faster it can become mainstream technology that helps detect Alzheimer’s sooner.

By registering with the form above, you will receive email notifications of all upcoming testing phases of the Vitamin-AI App. Your help is hugely beneficial to the development of our App and will make sure every tweak of the technology improves the App’s accuracy. All information that you provide will be completely confidential and anonymous and you can opt out at any time.