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Do you want to help predict and prevent Alzheimer’s disease?
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Why we need your help:

The most important phase of our App development is testing its validity, so it is essential that we recruit as many different people as possible to collect as much data as possible. The more data we can feed into our algorithm, the more accurate the diagnosis will be. The more accurate our App is, the faster it can become mainstream technology that helps detect Alzheimer’s sooner.

The data model needs to be constantly enriched with healthy pioneer results. Yours. 

Extra information

vitamin AI benefits:

– Early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease
– Earlier treatment possible
– Less social burden
– Less costs to society
– Greater insights in Alzheimer’s Disease.


How vitamin AI works:
  1. Our application will be prescribed to possible Alzheimer’s patients by neurologists. 
  2. The user will take the test in the application.
  3. The results will be shared with the neurologist only. So not even the user knows them.
  4. The neurologist will discuss the feedback with the user directly.
  5. In case of probable development of Alzheimer’s Disease, the patient will be treated accordingly, providing him/her with a longer symptom-free life.